They’ve Fucked Before.

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Their legs are too close together under the table.
One guy hangs on the other man’s word as if it’s gospel.

They both notice too hard when I walk to my table.

They’ve fucked before.
I don’t know if they’re open about it, but they’re fucking.

Are you sure they’re… 

Bitch. yes. Trust me. They are fucking each other. I’m going to go so far as to say they sex is pretty good. Not good enough to start introducing anyone to parents, but definitely good enough to spend a Saturday evening together in the coffee shop.

They’re both handsome.

Not unrealistically handsome, either. I hate that shit. When two perfectly attractive men are clearly involved with one another. I’m open tot he idea that I’m a hater, but something about attractive gay couples is so boring to me.

Accidentally handsome? I like that. Building your physique to match the image of beauty given to you by the ‘muscle hunk’ section of pornhub? Boring.

These two men are handsome.

They’re brown and almost completely unaware that life around them is occurring – that’s sexy and tough to do at the same time.

While one types behind his laptop, the other pretends to work, occasionally peering over while he caresses his own neck.

That’s the giveaway.

They’ve fucked before.

Maybe he’s just scratching his neck…

Maybe you should shut the fuck up. If I had a mutant ability it would be this. I read body language and eye contact. I can tell you anything you need to know about a person if I can observe these two things. This skill would not help me fight crime. At all. I’d be a terrible asset to the X-men.

This skill always makes for great writing material.

One man casually leans into the other. The other man sports a sly smile on his face. His body relaxed into his chair and his legs opened lazily.

Without close inspection, it’s tough to tell whose legs belong to whom- They’re sitting that close. They smile like children getting away with something they might have to answer for later. They do not care.

Their intimacy is unique and strange, and an absolute pleasure to witness. I do not care who fucks who and how.

I just know they’ve fucked before.

Take my word for it.

3 thoughts on “They’ve Fucked Before.

  1. Cool. Sometimes folks give off that “vibe” that not everyone else is privy to. I prefer the way you described instead of the publicly groping and salivating all over each other. I like the subtle. Perhaps you should write their “intimate” story? It would make an interesting read late at night! Serious! You have the ability! Naked hugs!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank You Roger,

      I prefer to subtle myself, frankly. I like a little mystery and a little fill-in-the-blank.

      I don’t know why I always get a little jittery at the thought of ever writing anything pseudo-romantic or even quasi-erotic. I have so many drafts, but something there doesn’t always feel a hundred percent right. Be patient. I’m working on it.

      Liked by 1 person

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