You Can’t Just Stick it Anywhere You Can Put It


I don’t know much about science, but I know this:

Any part of my body capable of receiving pleasure ain’t that deep or far or hidden away in my body.

A determined tongue or a curious finger will get the job done perfectly. Take my word, i’m learning me quite well.

What does all of that mean?

That means after a few inches in, we’re doing something other than having sex. We have moved beyond the place of pleasure and are disqualified from calling what we’re doing “making love”

After a certain point, we ain’t doing this just because it feels good.
You’ve got a vendetta. You’ve got something to prove.

You’re mad at someone, or something and you think you’re about to take it out here, and on me.

You will do no such thing.

You’re upset that your pappy went to the grocery store and ain’t ever come back.
And that’s a shame,
But my openings are not the place where you will solve your problems.

I know you hated that time you caught your mother and your pastor doing things both of em’ told you not to do.
May your soul find itself a healing,
but you won’t be causing me that kind of pain.

I don’t know who told you the answers to your problems were buried damn near 10 inches into my asshole or somewhere in my esophagus, but that is not true.

The answer is somewhere in you.
And you ain’t even tried looking for it.
Not a lick of experience looking within your damn self,

and you think you’re about to find something here?
In me?

No sir.

And not to yuck any of your yum. There ain’t nothing wrong with a little soul-searching with willing vessel. I use to like it myself from time-to-time.

There’s someone who is gonna let you look for whatever you want
however you need
and wherever you’d like.

But that person isn’t me.

Find someone who wants to hurt like you you’ve been hurt.

You can find someone who will call all your pain their pleasure and ache in places you ain’t ready to hurt in, yet.

Make sense of yourself all up inside someone else.
Make em’ walk crooked and call it whatever you’d like but don’t call it love.

Love don’t do that.

And right now you’re disrespecting the love I like to make.


3 thoughts on “You Can’t Just Stick it Anywhere You Can Put It

  1. Okay, my blogging buddy, I understand your meaning and endorse your sentiments entirely. For some strange reason, we men feel that love is supposed to hurt – or, at least, cause some type of discomfort. I applaud you for publicly publishing that that is NOT the case. Great job, my friend! Much love and naked hugs!


    1. Thanks Roger,

      Try this idea on:
      Sex lets us do more than feel pleasure. It lets us get in contact with some things that have the ability to linger in us.

      Your shit boss talks down to you and makes you feel powerless? Sex has a solution for that.

      Your parents didn’t give you the attention you desperately wanted growing up? There’s a type of sex to be had for that too.

      When we fuck we’re doing more than reaching an orgasm. and so this post is a gentle way to ask, “What are you here for, exactly?”

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