Summa That Good (self) Lovin’

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Y’all don’t use toys? Like, none? At all?

You ain’t played with yourself in the mirror just to see what you’d look like in your favorite outfit and then watched you take it off slowly and just for you?

You ain’t try to make eyes with yourself and let you know that at the end of a long day, you’re still the first thing you want?

You ain’t watch your favorite parts move and jiggle to a rhythm you make for a dance you’re doing with yourself to music only you can hear?

You ain’t seen your unspeakable parts, close up, uncovered, or partly revealed, maybe even winking at you like they’re trying to flirt?

You ain’t listen to yourself beg for more of what only you can give you, and you ain’t deliver every single time?

You ain’t asked you for more?
You ain’t asked for it harder?
You ain’t listened to the way you sound when you crave your own self?

You ain’t explore yourself like uncharted terrain and make note of what you discover for research purposes?

You ain’t been bored in a crowd and make yourself a promise that you’ll show you a good time when you get home?

You ain’t turn your phone off and burn your favorite candles? The ones you only use for special occasions?

You ain’t a special occasion?

5 thoughts on “Summa That Good (self) Lovin’

    1. Thank you!

      And A good episode of self love will really rock your entire world. I swear that shit shifts my entire mood. This piece started as a conversation I was having with multiple friends where I realized a lot of us will go out of our WAY to make sure we’ve prepared for sex with guys we HARDLY know, but haven’t put that same energy into showing up and turning ourselves on FOR OURSELVES.

      I quote one of your incompetent Presidents when I say, “Very sad”

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