The One(s)

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Compatibility and chemistry are nice

and I’m open to the idea that I’m old-fashioned, but I still believe in ‘the one’.

…..I’m also believer in the one after,
And chances are there were a few before him,
And if I’m doing it right, there will be a handful later on.

I met two ones, once – Almost at the same time, and they never found out about the other cause no one wants to hear they’re one of two; people are sensitive.

Maybe I’ll find one 20 years from now and settle down someplace – start living right.

Maybe I met the one five years ago and messed it up, and it won’t hit me until five years from now while I’m eating cold cereal with no milk for dinner.

I met one who taught me something I needed to know to get me where I was going,
and I met another one right after who taught me what I needed to know when I got there.

And when I was done heading wherever I went next, I met another one. He wasn’t a long one, but he was plenty long enough.

There’s one that calls me every couple of years,
Hoping I’ve gown up,
Hoping I’ll slow down,
And I haven’t,
And I might not.

And that doesn’t seem to stop him none.
Like clockwork, he’ll call me again,
Get him a few more ones between then,

and we’ll talk about ’em all when we see each other again,

There was one I wouldn’t talk to twice if it was up to me,

And there was one I wouldn’t have talked to once if I had been a little wiser.

There was one that could have been, but I wasn’t ready,
And there were a few ones that couldn’t have been ready for me.

There was one who stayed and got comfortable when he should have probably kept his shoes on.
And there was one who left a little earlier than expected – Didn’t even give me a warning.

I can’t always make sense of the one(s). I’d run myself crazy even trying.

I know they showed upright when they were supposed to.
They taught me what I needed to know to get me wherever I was going,

and I don’t quite know where that is, but I know I can’t get there carrying a bunch of ones.

4 thoughts on “The One(s)

  1. At least “one” of them had the decency to leave you with all this self-awareness as their legacy! Great job, my blogging buddy. It took me a couple of reads, but even I finally understood! I’m not always the brightest crayon in the box, but I do like what I can do with variety! Naked hugs!


  2. Heyyyy

    I’ve been having this type of conversation with myself lately. A bunch of people I know are getting married soon (I mean, 1 or 2). They found their “Ones”. When you listen to them talk about their relationship, it’s hard to deny that such a thing is impossible but I have never had this feeling yet. Even liking somebody I was like “that’ll do it for now but I don’t see any future with this person”.
    I don’t know if you saw this black mirror episode in which people were to find partners via a software which could give them the length of their relationship before finding the “one” for them. Sad.

    Anywayyyy it will come when it does but I am pretty sure everyone has a special someone that will come in their life when the time is right. It can be someone from 5 years ago too.


    1. I think that feeling of finding ‘the one’ is a complete myth.

      I think once someone lied about having that feeling, they made a bunch of movies and wrote a bunch of books on that feeling, and convinced us that something is wrong when you aren’t feeling that feeling.

      Ask someone about “the one” a year or two after they have met them. It’s SIGNIFICANTLY less magical.

      And why even LOOK for a future with people? We are right here, in a present. Isn’t that enjoyable? When it’s no longer enjoyable or compromises the reason(s) I’m here on this earth, let’s give each other room to go on.

      I’m WILDLY uncomfortable with the idea that I should be exuding time and energy into finding one whole person to spend my waking and sleeping hours with.


      1. You are right. We should not spend energy looking for that person. But I am sure that we can find someone special to build something. There again, it really depends what you expect out of life.

        Your “enjoy the present moment” philosophy is very healthy in my opinion. It is not good to think too much (like me. I am getting cured, I promise.)


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